Options for Home Window Security

As you gear up to replace your home windows, you are likely feeling overwhelmed by all the options: different colors, different designs, various window frames, energy efficient options, and more.  Well, why not throw one more variable into the mix and also consider how these replacement windows for your home will help with home security?

Different window manufacturers will offer different options and some options are less about the window and more about the surrounding structure.  However, we recommend you consider the following items as you plan for replacing your windows.

Reinforced Glass

One way to keep people out of your home is purchasing replacement windows for your home with reinforced glass.  This glass is much more difficult to break and could act as a sufficient deterrent for the majority of criminals.  It is also great for general home safety as they are less likely to break during household accidents. 

Window Locks

With any replacement window for your home that you are considering for your home, take the time to review the built in safety features.  The vast majority of windows on the market are designed to lock with their frame.  Make sure you are comfortable with the locking mechanism and ask your contractor about additional locks or other options.

Security Bars, Are they Needed?

One option that may be a bit of overkill depending on your area are security bars. Unless you are deep in a city known for break-ins most people who would be shopping for window installation in Philadelphia and are concerned about safety will most likely opt for a secure brand of window such as Renewal by Andersen instead of having unsightly bars installed. Safety and Security window film is a great option to put over a sturdy window that is more appealing to the eye.

Alarm System

Finally, if you are looking to get an alarm system or already have one, check with the company to make sure they have sensors that work with the type of windows you are considering.

Take care of your lawn the right way

St_Augustine_lawnDon’t let your lawn go unattended this summer. Here are some tips on how to effectively take care of one of the first impressions your home can make.

Make sure to mow, and mow regularly. Keeping your grass low makes it easier for you to walk through and more appealing to the eye. Mowing once or twice a week works best to keep it in shape for any season. You want your grass to be trimmed for ease of access and to appeal to the neighbors.

Spot cleaning is also important. It seems obvious, but pick up any disposal you see on your lawn. Make sure your kids know not to make a mess, and be sure to invest in ensuring weeds don’t run your hard work into the ground. Weeds will be what destroy all your hard work, and any garbage will do nothing but stress certain spots of grass.

Seeding your grass will introduce new plants to your lawn and ensure your grass comes back happy and healthy. It will also ensure you have bright, green grass that will be the envy of all of your neighbors every time.

While investing, ensure you have a cleaning service for any pet waste disposal to ensure your lawn stays in pristine condition while you let your puppy and kids run out and play.

Also, don’t forget to water your grass. The best lawns can stand the heat, cold, droughts, foot traffic and other stressors, but water and fertilizer ensure that they are strong enough to be able to do that. Grass needs to be tough in order to get through the heat.

All lawns will need a bit of fertilizer in early spring when the grass begins to recover from the winter and months and green up. It will also ensure that the grass grows back faster in the new season.

Knowledge is Power When it Comes to Your Pipes

Knowing what types of pipes your home uses is important for diagnosing issues and being able to provide your local plumber with the most accurate information. For instance, many plumbers in Charlottesville Virginia are finding clay pipes in older homes. Homeowners could avoid issues associated with this outdated material by replacing them ASAP, as they will inevitably crack or be penetrated by roots. Using newer, durable materials is a key way to prevent plumbing issues in the near future.

What Types of Pipes Should You Use?

There are 2 main types of pipes- metal or plastic. Each has its own set of benefits. In general, metal pipes are more durable but more expensive. Plastic is often a great alternative for cold water or interior plumbing, which does not require the strength and resistance to corrosion of an underground or main line.

Types of Metal Pipes:

  • Copper– This expensive but reliable option has been used for years. It is able to withstand in high temperatures and difficult to break.
  • Galvanized steel– After 30 to 40 years, galvanized pipes will need to be replaced. Like copper, they are also resistant to corrosion and rust. Copper, however, is still the more durable choice.

Types of Plastic Pipes:

  • PB, PVC, PEX, and ABS are all types of plastic pipes that are inexpensive. However, most of these are not tolerant of heat and break or leak easily.
  • HDPE– Like metal pipes, high density polyethylene pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and rust. They are a versatile choice.

Talk to a plumber about which type of pipe will be the most logical choice for your replacement. Functionality, price, durability, and local building codes are all factors that you will need to consider, and it’s almost essential to contact a plumbing company to make the final call. Educating yourself can help you go with the most cost-effective option to stay within your budget.

How to Spot Mold

Water damage to a home can cause you a lot of issues in your home and it needs to be something that you fix immediately. Flooding from a bad storm or even a burst pipe can total your home and you will be in a big need of restoration services. Sometimes you may have a small flooding issue and this can cause a bad case of mold in your home. Mold damage can be very harmful to your health and it is important that if mold is spot that you clean or replace the surfaces that contain the mold. Mold can become air bourn particles and breathed into your body and make you really sick. This is why you should always be on the lookout for mold damage. There are many different signs of mold damage in your home and I wanted to share some ideas on how to locate or know the warning signs that mold exists in your residence.

Allergic Reaction

If you are having a severe allergic reaction that you gained from living in your home then this is a sure sign that there may be mold growing in your home. The major symptoms of mold allergy include nasal congestion, sore eyes, and sneezing. If these symptoms worsen when you are at your home then you know there is a good chance that there is a mold issue.

Mold Smell

If you have had a small leak behind a wall or under you flooring then the mold will grow in an area that is not visible and the only way you can detect it is by its smell. Mold has a very distinctive smell and you can notice it very easily. If you are smelling mold then you should take a small piece of floor or walling out and inspect the back of it to see if there are mold signs.

Besides the visible signs of mold these are the two best ways of noticing the invisible mold. These are the two ways that I found my mold issue in my home in Virginia. I immediately contacted Metropolitan Contractors who has the best results with mold damage Fairfax VA has to offer. They were able to remove all of the sheet rock that was infected and replaced it with clean sheet rock and when the project was finished it hadn’t seen like there ever any issue.

The Importance of Energy Efficient Windows in Boston

Living in Boston, you know that winters can be very cold. Your heating bill can quickly skyrocket when the temperatures plummet. That’s why it’s a wise investment for you to invest in energy saving solutions for your home. A good place to start is with your windows. Here are a few reasons that emphasize the importance of energy efficient windows in Boston.

Better insulation means constant temperaturesReplacement Windows

Think about the clothing you wear in the wintertime. You most likely wear the warmest clothing that you own; clothing that keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. If you think of your home like your body, you want to minimize your heat loss as much as possible. If you didn’t know already, windows can lose heat quickly because glass is thinner than walls. But if you have energy efficient windows, your heat loss will be lower and since you’re losing less heat, the temperature in your home will be more constant.

Efficient windows mean lower energy bills

When temperatures drop well below freezing, you turn the heat up in your house. Since the air outside is significantly colder than the air indoors, the colder air mass will take heat from the warmer air mass. With less heat getting through the energy efficient windows, you’ll spend less money heating your house. Energy efficient windows are more expensive but they pay for themselves in energy savings in just a matter of years. Plus you’ll be more comfortable in the wintertime. Comfort definitely highlights the importance of energy efficient windows in Boston.

New England winters are long and cold. Do yourself a favor and buy windows that are going to keep your nest warm. The less expensive windows will only make your house colder, so go for comfort with the energy efficient windows. You’ll be warm and happy knowing that you’re saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bill.

How to Judge Replacement Windows and Entry Doors

Are you starting to sort through information to pick the best replacement window or door for your home? There are endless claims made by manufacturers about what determines the best window for a home. The truth is that there are several compromises that come with different building materials and price range options.  Here are some of the criteria that determine the performance of your replacement windows in Raleigh.

Window Panes Matter. An effective way to improve insulation is to layer multiple glass panes to reduce heat transfer through the unit. Injecting certain kinds of gas into the gaps between the panes also amplifies the energy efficiency. The risk at hand is making sure you find a replacement window that won’t compromise the closure between panes of glass. Vinyl has a tendency to bend in warm climates which can lead to broken seals in five years or less. When you see a foggy window with water vapor between the panes, the argon gas has leaked out and let outside air in. This is something you should consider if buying an exterior door with glass panes as well. Contact RenewalNC entry doors for more information on other design and appearance options for entry doors and exterior doors.
Replacement entry door

What it’s made from. The replacement window industry uses a measurement called the U-Value to measure the insulation capabilities of different types of window frames. A lesser U-value tells you that you are going to save more dollars in low heating and A/C bills. Classic Aluminum window frame, which are infrequently seen anymore, have a U-value of 2.0. Wooden window frames usually calibrate at about 0.4. Anderson windows are made from Fibrex which comes in at 0.3. Windows made from vinyl also share that approximate insulation rating. The problem with vinyl is that the material doesn’t hold up well over the years, especially in hot climates. That is actually a serious difference with two or three paned glass.

The Master Design. Not every window is created equal. Windows that are mass produced will often use ugly spacers and fillers to sit in your current opening. Companies like Renewal by Andersen custom make every window to guarantee a snug fit on every installation. I recommend you also consider the hassle of maintaining appearance over the years. Wooden windows involve scraping and repainting when the sun and weather wear on the window. Andersen windows, similar to vinyl, never need painting and come in a variety of colors, including interior and exterior options.